36 Days of Type 2017.

When I first saw 36 Days of Type on Instagram back in early 2016, I knew I wanted to have a go myself in the future. I've been gradually teaching myself Cinema 4D on and off, and knew that this would be a great platform to force me to use it every day and sharpen my skills. It's been a fantastic learning exercise and sometimes hard going, 36 days is a long time! 

I decided to stick to 2 colours and 1 font, Vertex, so at least those choices were made every day, then it was just a case of having an idea, building and animating it. It was a steep, steep learning curve and some days were more successful than others. I still have a long way to go in terms of texturing and lighting, and rendering was sometimes fraught overnight! Already I miss it and can't wait to build more. Completing the full 36 days feels like a real encouragement and advice along the way from fellow artists.

Please enjoy my film of the full 36 days condensed into three minutes, with credit and thanks to Cornelius for their track 'Count Five or Six' which made it really fun to edit. Thanks for watching!
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